Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Mom, you're awesome!"

I love when my kids say that! In fact, sometimes I do things because I'm pretty sure they will say it. Earlier this week Chay was trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year. We finally settled on an indian. I said, "Let's go to the fabric store and get stuff to make a costume!" (As if I don't have enough to do!!!) Well, I have the pants done and now I have to try and make this crazy shirt tomorrow. I think if I didn't homeschool my kids I could have it done by lunch but I am hoping that it will be done before bed. Then, I get to start on Dylan's karate costume. Am I crazy???? Why do I do this? (Katie will say ADD!!!)

BTW - My quilting tools are my best friends for the day. I could not have made awesome fringe and saved myself mucho dinero without them.

On a side note, I sang Dylan "Silent Night" before bed tonight. I used to sing it all the time to my kids. They would BEG me to sing more and I would have to finally hum it and then sneak down the hall before they noticed. Dylan practically laughed the whole time I was singing. I guess the time of my babies has ended. So sad. Maybe I have become a lazy mom. Oh DID read what I have been doing today, right??? So....maybe not.........

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Marianne said...

I made that costume for Trystan a million years ago. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have that rolly-cutty thingy so I snipped each and every one of those fringes. I bought Vivian some cute real moccasins at the thrift store, and I tried to convince her to be an indian, but Daphne from scooby doo won out. Oh well!