Sunday, February 14, 2010

Changes and stuff...

Recently, I had a conversation about blog titles and my friend, Marianne, told me that mine should be "It's just....Whatever..". I thought, "Hmmmm, that's funny", and let it sit on my brain for a while. (BTW - I am very concerned about my punctuation in the previous sentence but am too lazy to get out Turabian's book or look it up online. If you have a problem you can either correct me, if you know enough to, or keep it to yourself - heehee.) M said that I say it ALL the time and guess what? I do! I just didn't realize. So, I think it's an appropriate title. Some days are just...whatever. If your stuff breaks, it's just..whatever. If your kids are bad, it's just...whatever. Your day will get better. Your stuff can get fixed or replaced (or not - it's still whatever). And, your kids will probably behave better tomorrow. I guess it's an attitude that doesn't mean I don't care but really that it's not worth worrying about.

So, today I'm just whatever. I am battling a small bout of vertigo, which I have never had before. It's very strange to feel like your head is spinning every time you get up or down or look to one side or the other. I was at Patient First for 3 hours yesterday so I could figure this out. I guess it's my fault I was there for so long. Everyone just happened to want to go in at the same time as me. Oh well. My nice little Indian lady doc gave me some meds ("these will make you drowsy" - great) and told me to go home and rest. SURE!!! Right after I cook dinner, clean my house, and homeschool my kids. Actually, my hubby is great. He made dinner AND cleaned it up AND put the kids to bed while I sat on the couch with the remote. He's awesome. I feel a little better today. I even cooked dinner and gave my kids their valentine's and Chinese New Year stuff. Here's what I made:

It's awesome. Everyone likes it and that's saying alot. I don't know what I'll have tomorrow. At least I know I have leftovers for lunch.. YUM!!! Well, I'm off to watch Olympics On TV and stuff my face with Sweetarts Hearts that I bought for myself for V's day. I love me.