Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting organized!

I don't think you even want to know what I did today. case you do...I went to the gym with my daughter (after getting REALLY frustrated that she woke me up and then made me sit on the couch for 15 min. while she got her act together!), made my kids do chores, cooked breakfast, made my kids do school (Brenden BEGGED me to do school work instead of housework and then whined about that too - YUCK!), made soup for a friend, made dinner for us, whipped up some GF dinner rolls, whipped up some GF cupcakes (that are totally awesome - BTW), drove to soccer, drove to church, reorganized the playroom, made the kids take care of all their junk, and now here I am. WHEW! Now I am trying to decide what I am going to make for card swap treats tomorrow.
I am totally on an organizing binge right now. I just want all the clutter to disappear. Is it wrong of me to NEEEED to open the pantry and not have a panic attack??? Hopefully I will get the things done that I want to before we go to CA in May. If not, it's just going to have to be whatever. Oh well. Wish me luck.