Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is what you do when you bump fists with someone in Germany. Today I wanted to do it five million times!!!! Our exchange student, Isabell (who is practically a Stockwell b/c she LOOOOOOVES ice cream), attended a private school for 2 days. Sadly, this wasn't working out and despite the fact that the Clover Hill High School had all their international places filled, the principal was able to get her in anyway. YAY!!! I won't go into all the details about the reasons behind the change, but lets just say that our Heavenly Father is definitely concerned for our well-being and all aspects of our daily lives. This change is super awesome b/c now Isabell will get to attend school with Kylee and meet lots of different kinds of people. Now we will have 2 more weeks of summer vacation. Maybe we can make it to the beach!! YAY again!!! So, today it's just.....awesome!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My real life.

First, let me say, I went out to lunch with Dylan and I drank WAYYY too much Diet Coke. Now my fingers are going a mile a minute and I think I am making alot of mistakes. So, I took some pictures today to illustrate my real life. I feel like am constantly getting pulled in various opposite directions. Mostly of my own creation too.

This first picture is what I WANT TO DO. I am trying to get projects done and this is one of them. But I really want to do it. They are fingerless gloves for my sister. Anyone that has an iPhone or an iPod touch or a touch screen anything can tell you that if you want your hands to stay warm and be able to use your gadget then you have to have a pair of these. My friend, Chelsey, says they are good for playing violin too. I made her a pair. So, I made my sister a scarf and decided she needed a pair of these too. They are easy to knit and the yarn is soooo yummy! Wish I could just sit for hours on end and knit:(

This is what I DID.
I have been painting and sorting and organizing like mad. I have been meaning to sort through my files and abuse my precious label maker. I went through my whole office this week just sorting and throwing things out. My homeschool shelves needed it badly so I can make room for the stuff for the new year. Isn't it hard to figure out what you should keep and what you really should get rid of? I have also painted my bedroom and the laundry room. Whew!

This last part is WHAT I AM DOING. Brenden decided that he needed his own room. Taylor and I have been talking about switching the boys anyway. The rooms are crazy messy!! I don't think the boys room has EVER looked so bad.

We had to put away all the legos and rokenbok in one room and sort clothes, etc. in the other. Dylan also decided that he wants his dresser to be red. So, out we went to Home Depot and bought ourselves some spray paint (and lunch!). At least it's not 100 outside like it has been!

So now you know you know what my real life is like. But if you already read my other posts, you know that I'm sure I have ADD and that's just how it goes in my world. Whatever!!!