Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To all who are interested..

Hello again. Chelsey has been bugging me about posting so I will do a quick one. I have been off the radar b/c..
1. My kids have swim practice everyday from 9-11 and there is no WI-FI.
2. I am over certification for stake girls camp next week (sorry mom..I meant Young women's camp).
3. When we get home there are tons of little boys that play and have to be watched.
4. The house doesn't clean itself!
5. Knitting takes 2 hands therefore I can't type while knitting (maybe I can dictate....)

So, since taking up sock knitting I have made 4 pairs now. 1 for Chay, 1 for Dylan, 1 for Liz and I just finished an awesome pair for me. The little girls at swim practice walk by me and ask me what I am knitting. They are very interested.

My kids are doing awesome on the swim team. It is so great to see them learn a new skill and get some energy out at the same time. Let me tell you.....they are tired!!!!! Love it!!!

Well, that's it for today. Hopefully I will write soon with pics but don't get your hopes up!