Monday, September 27, 2010


Today (and last night) I am super tired!!! I just took a B-12 and I hope I will feel better by tonight. Last week was crazy! My friend Becky came late on Wed. night to spend a couple of days. Thursday we went to Virginia Beach. The weather was awesome!!! The waves were great and the kids had so much fun playing in the water and the sand. Taylor was able to go and do some work on the way. At the end of the day there was a cool band playing down the street and we were able to listen for a few minutes. Butter. It was great! Then Chipotle for dinner and a late night home. Becky's son Jacob was like a bottomless pit at dinner. I am waiting for Brenden to start eating me out of house and home.

Friday was good too but would have been more so if the weather wasn't 96! It was sooooo hot in Willliamsburg. We went for Home Educator's week. My favorite was watching the "colonists" recite the Declaration of Independence. That was cool! I am thinking I need a stockade and a prison at home. The kids seemed to like it:) The kids were pretty good even though we got home late again. Then, us dumb adults stayed up until almost 2 just chatting. No wonder I am tired! I'm still catching up on sleep. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight. I should be able to since none of my friends are going to be around to entertain me for hours. Off I go to make roasted chicken............

Monday, September 13, 2010

Things I dislike...

There are some things in life I really dislike. Here's my short list:

Picking up after my children
Warm sodas
Appliances that don't work when they are supposed to
Meals that don't turn out like I plan
Making my kids do stuff
Getting up early
Being sick
Not being able to hear or taste because I am sick
Static-y clothes

I guess that's all I can think of for now. Maybe I just wanted to complain, sorta. I'm really jealous of my friend, Marianne. She's in Hawaii. Her hubby had business so she is there for 8 days. Lucky her. I like homeschooling my kids but starting that business back up is a pain! The kids ALWAYS rebel. Maybe this week will be better. Maybe this week I will be better.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My confessions

I have a confession to make. At night, after the kids have gone to bed and I have ditched my hubby for my computer or TV or whatever, I get out my big bag of tortilla chips and cheddar cheese and go to town. I LOVE cheese. I know that eating food late at night, especially fatty ones like chips and cheese, is a major contributor to my rear end, but I just don't care. It's soooo good.

Another confession. I have been reading (well, listening really) to a book called the Hunger Games. I think it's compared to the short story, The Lottery. I don't know I really like this series. It's a really wierd story with lots of heartwrenching, depressing writing. I like reading books that take me on a vacation and not into hours with terrible images and thoughts rattling around my brain like unwanted visitors. I guess my real confession is that even though there are TONS of people that love it, I don't. I am strangely curious about what happens next so I listen and then I am horrified and I have to stop and then I get more curious so I listen more and then I am even more horrified and the cycle goes on. Right now I am not listening. I would like to have nice dreams tonight. I probably won't though. So, Chelsey, others, do I keep reading? Actually, I have finished the first book and am listening to the 2nd. I want to stop but I feel like I have invested so much time and brain power into this book that I need to see what happens in the 3rd. ARGH! Whatever happened to the era of 1 book only????

I just talked to my sister who is preggy and pretty sad that she hasn't had the baby yet. I would be too. I have been. I hope she has that baby tonight! So now my computer battery is on low and I am tired. Happy whatevering!