Monday, December 12, 2011

Where has a year gone???

I don't even know. I don't even know why I stopped blogging. Well, facebook kept me busy. So have kids, knitting, my house, my hubby and life. I finished my first sweater, went to Nauvoo, hung out at the beach for a week, got a Nook Color, painted my porch, re-painted my front entry, opened a non-functioning Etsy shop, gained some weight, lost some weight, and the list goes on. Really it's just been a year of stuff. You know, regular things that life throws our way. I'm so thankful all of my family is healthy, my husband has a job and all our appliances work. So, since I am sick I'm going to make this short. Here are some photos I recently took at Taylor's aunt's farm. FUN!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Husband is a Cricut Master

What is a Cricut? It's a gadget, known only to the crafting ,card-making, scrapbooking world, that is super awesome! Ok, it cuts out whatever you tell it to but you have to use proprietary cartridges that are expensive but, whatever. Did I mention it's awesome??? Actually, I haven't used mine in a while. I think it's because when I'm not homeschooling, I'm doing all the other things that I would normally do while my kids were in school. So, where was I? (ADD) Oh, yeah, my hubby is awesome....(and the Cricut). So, some guys from our ward, including my husband got together and bought basketball jerseys. Actually, they are more like pinnies(I had to look that one up). The number printing was going to be too expensive so he said he would figure out how to get the numbers on there. He could do iron on but I don't think he liked that idea. Then he thought he would use my cricut to cut out fun foam numbers and use the negatives as templates with some spray paint. The final idea was to cut out freezer paper, punch out the number and iron the paper on the shirt. I have been busy so I really wasn't much help. Taylor looked at all my cartridges and decided they were too cutesy for guys bball jerseys. He poked around online and found a program that lets you use any font you want. COOL!!! I love it! So, that's what he used. We spent Friday evening listening to music, cutting and ironing stuff on pinnies. Now all they need is a little spray paint. Who knew Taylor was such a crafty guy?! Maybe he will stamp with me next.....oh wait....he already did that.......