Saturday, December 5, 2009

Make up is sooo fun!

I have been thinking for a while about getting Kylee some make up. I figure she will be in HS soon and all her friends are "doing it". So, why not start with some great make up she won't look hideous in. We went to Bare Escentuals and had a blast! Here's a pic....

I love Sushi!

The love affair started when I was in college.  I hung out with this guy that introduced me to it's awesomeness.  Now I could eat it alllll the time.  I am so thankful to be married to a guy that enjoys it just as much as I do.  Some favs - sweet potato roll, spider roll, hamachi (raw yellowtail), unagi (cooked eel), and most anything that has tobiko (fish eggs - yum!) or sesame seeds on it.  Sushi - it's what's for dinner!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I am taking a break in my studying (EW!) to blurb a little about Thanksgiving. We had a great time with my mom, her new hubby, Joel, and Aunt Liz. It was relaxing and the food was great! The kids made a 3D Taj Mahal (my sneaky way of having "school" on a holiday!). Brenden ended up finishing the whole thing. He wants to make the Roman Coliseum next. Taylor played football in the fog. We ate yummy food like baked onions, pan roasted cauliflower and a yummy salad with pears, walnuts and blackberries. After dinner we went to see "A Christmas Carol" in 3D. It was really great! We just finished reading Dickens and were able to notice that they used the same dialog from the book. I am so glad they didn't change it. There was only one small part in which the Disney people thought they could take artistic license. I was surprised that my kids wanted popcorn after Thanksgiving dinner but that's all my fault. I have trained them at the free summer movies to want popcorn since we buy it whenever we go. Such a cheap outing. Joel and my mom gave all the boys tool boxes with locks. Now I don't have to hear about how the lego creation they just made was ruined by a sibling. They can just stick them in the box and lock it! How can I keep them from changing the combos? It was fun to meet Joel. Dylan keeps calling him Grandpa Joel and snuggling him. I think Joel liked it;) Who wouldn't? When Dylan isn't acting like a baby or a dog or a little brother then he is simply delightful! Well, you should all be tired of reading such a long post from me. It's my way of getting out of studying. know what I have to do now.....I am kicking and screaming inside my head but with a smile on my face and a Dr. Pepper in hand......

The end is in sight!!!

I am soooooo close to finishing up this class. 
This is what I have to do:  study for and write outlines of 5 essay questions, take the midterm on one of those questions and write a term paper. This all has to be done by Dec. 10th so I can request my final.  I am not even thinking about that test yet! 
This is what I want to do: finish knitting my socks, finish knitting some fingerless gloves, finish knitting my scarf, knit an ornament for my gift exchange, recover my chair in my bedroom, paint my bedroom, make a sweater Christmas stocking tutorial, and decorate a big wood wreath for the neighborhood decorating.  Writing papers is definitely NOT on my to do list.  YUCK!!!  Can I knit something that looks ancient or something?????