Friday, November 20, 2009


Well, I have been really busy!!!  I am madly trying to finish a class I am taking from BYU.  It is totally consuming my life.  Between that and homeschooling ALL my kids this year, I don't feel like there is any room left for anything else...even my hubby!!! (Sorry babe!)  I guess this is why we do college while we are young.  Then we don't have to know how nice it is to come home, watch TV and knit instead of study our brains until 2 am and the get up at 6 for work or a class.  Now that I have had the luxury of sitting around I am totally bummed that I have to read books I am not interested in, write papers and ignore my family.  I guess my kids don't care since I am with them all day.  I am sure my husband does though.  I guess it's like being pregnant, it will all be over sooner or later - no matter what!  Now I am off to practice my flute, study (while eating dinner) and then maybe squeeze in a mini date with Taylor, if he isn't too tired by then.  Me, I'll just have another Dr. Pepper and stay up all night!!!!