Monday, June 1, 2009

Today...Trying to get back on track.

For the past several months my mom has been living with me.  It has been glorious!  I have loved having her around.  She drives the kids to school, does dishes and helps out around the house.  We have re-learned to knit, gone to the temple, planted my garden, removed wallpaper from and painted my upstairs hallway AND she watched the kids while Taylor and I went away.  I'm sure we did more than that.  That's just all I can remember today.  Soooo...while we were doing all that I sort of dropped alot of my balls that I was juggling.  Now that she is leaving on Thursday, I will pick them back up and start again.  So, I don't care that I haven't written since I picked her up in UT, and I don't care that my house isn't immaculate, it's just been fun to have her around.  How often will I get to do that with her??  Heck, I haven't even lived with her since I was 19!  So, now I will try to write on my blog more (even if no one reads it). I will pay more attention to my house.  I will plan camp certification, do my online class and prepare to homeschool my kids in the fall.  Sounds like enough fun, doesn't it??  Well, I'm off to get kids to school - 3 days left of it!