Sunday, December 26, 2010

Going to the PO.

My friend Marianne just wrote a blog post about how much she hates and fears the post office. I was commenting on her post and realized that I was just writing my own blog post......

I HATE the PO too!!! I don't have a fear of it though. I do have a holiday shipping story though. I had a package to send to my Father-in-Law in CA and put it off until the PO was almost closed, Smart, huh? If you wait until they are almost closed there is a massively long line of people who just thought the same thing as you. Lame. So I waited and the PO people were nice enough to let us stay in line and not kick us out right at 5. I finally got to the counter at 5:20 right as my daughter called my phone. As I was telling her I would call her right back the lovely PO lady gave me some nasty look that said, "I know you didn't just pick up that phone on the way to my counter." Lame again. My package by weight was going to cost me $28. Whatever. But then the lady said that because of the dimensions there would be a $44 surcharge. What !!?? Are you out of your mind???!! The stuff inside isn't even worth that much! Apparently there is some magical weight to size ratio you have to meet to get the best shipping deal. I asked her how many bricks I needed to put it the box. She didn't like that question. I decided to figure something else out and buy some other postage while I was there. Did you know that if you pay for a $10.70 flat rate box they give you all kinds of stamps that equal $10.70? UGH! I just want ONE I can stick on it! Now I have to keep track of all that crap you just gave to me. The end of the story? I left with nothing sent and dreading the next day's return. I told my hubby all about my PO woes and he found a new box, measured and weighed it, and paid for and printed a label. I slapped the postage on that box, put the hoards of stamps on my other one, and walked the boxes right up to the PO counter. I was there for less than a minute. Sweet! Hubby/hero to the rescue again!!!! I leave you with a wish. May your trips to the post office be swift and your PO ladies be nice.

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Kellie said...

LOL, I love and miss you BREE!!! My favorite is when I bring my kids to the PO and they spend more time telling my kids what to do ie "keep the door closed," or "are you going to buy those envelopes?" then helping me. I feel like saying just mail my package, and I'll leave. Why don't they get that?

PS I think they should have told you about flat rate when you were there! LAMEO!